How to maximize your Ebay listing exposure

Ebay Sales Growth


To build up online sales, gaining a good position for your eBay listing in the Best Match sort order is key.  The way to do this is to ensure that you use item specifics and price your items competitively.  Achieving a Top Seller status is another way to get good positioning and this comes from offering services that help your items sell and delivering excellent service to your customers.  Make sure you research best practises before listing your item to ensure you have the best chance of featuring in the search results.  Making your eBat listings eye catching and offering quite a few choice items will help you get more followers and more exposure.

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Slow Moving Inventory: How to Deal with It (Part 2)

Slow Moving Inventory

You have determined your slow moving inventory items, now what? 

Stock that sits in your warehouse and does not sell or sells extremely slowly costs you money!  The space and the capital they take up can be better utilised on faster moving products.  Once you have identified your slow moving inventory, you have to put a plan in to action to reduce your slow moving merchandise quickly and efficiently.

Some of the simplest methods to reduce stock consist of ‘Special Offers’, where the pricing is reduced to try and turn over the stock as quickly as possible.  There are however a few other methods that you can try before you go this route.  How are the items marketed?

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Slow Moving Inventory: How to Deal with It (Part 1)

slow moving inventory - liquidationOnce you have been selling online for a period of time, you inevitably end up with some slow moving inventory. What’s slow moving inventory? It is the stock that just doesn’t move or moves very slowly in comparison to your other stock items.  These items take up valuable space as well as retain the capital you expended in purchasing the items.  Sometimes, as the items age, they can become even less valuable and result in further losses.  Your business growth could be hampered and even totally stifled by having too many slow moving inventory items.  So what can be done to reduce the problem?

What is slow moving inventory?

Slow moving inventory item for you might not be the same for a different seller. Also, how you define your slow movers could differ too.  Here are a few basic ways of determining a slow moving inventory item.

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eBay Pricing Strategy

eBay Pricing Strategy


As far as your eBay pricing strategy is concerned, it is important to know the fair value of your item. This will ensure profitability. Your buyer will also be satisfied with the price paid.  An easy way to get a feel for what would be considered a fair price is by using an Advanced Search to check through the “Sold” Listings.  This will show what a comparitive item sold for previously.  You have another way to check if your price is in the ball park. You should always check what current sellers are selling, while determining their eBay pricing strategy.  This will give you a good working model to base your pricing structure on so that your sales are optimised.

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8 Tips To Improve eBay Sales

8 Tips To Improve eBay sales

1. Get good DSRs and useful feedback. Honesty is the best policy, when trying to Improve eBay Sales! Make sure your item is exactly what you have advertised and that you offer good customer service. If you lay out all your terms and conditions clearly and simply, making it easy to read and easy to find, it will make your customer correspondence less complicated. Have a FAQ section if the same questions occur regularly. Ensure that there is nothing ambiguous or that can be misunderstood with regards your payment and shipping terms. Highlight your returns policy for ease of reference. Be tolerant and polite in all your dealings. Leave good, clear feedback for your customers and they should reciprocate with good ratings as well.

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How to provide a great customer service as an eBay seller

customer serviceAs many of you know, eBay is an online selling platform that brings together various buying experiences under one umbrella, despite the vast array of items being sold by different sellers. This also means that until a buyer actually makes a purchase, they won’t really know what to expect from a seller and this can cause a bit of anxiety. Hence the reason why it is so important to keep the buyer at ease by providing an exceptional customer service throughout the entire purchasing experience. Above all, always be friendly, polite and professional in all your dealings with the buyer. A positive and courteous attitude speaks volumes. Being an eBay seller, your online reputation should never be compromised.

Getting the sale

In order to make the sale, ensuring that the buyer’s mind is at ease is very important. One way to show your potential customers that you are serious about what you do is to make yourself available for any questions or concerns they may have.

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How Feedback Affects Sellers’ eBay Online Reputation

eBay Online Reputation

How Feedback on eBay affects Your Online Reputation

Whether on not your business uses eBay as a main tool for buying and selling or just as a secondary means, maintaining a good feedback record is important. The feedback on your eBay account serves as an indication of your trustworthiness and your Ebay online reputation. Therefore, if your feedback is not good, then naturally people will not be inclined to do any sort of business with you. Both buyers and sellers have the freedom to leave feedback on each other subsequent to each completed transaction, yet the buyer is allowed to get into more details.

Why Does Feedback Matter?

It is important, given the fact that it is the only indicator of your Ebay online reputation. It pertains to you and your business. For people who do not know you personally or never did business with you before, this is what they will refer to. A total record of your feedback is displayed beside your username whenever you are hosting an auction or bidding for items. It can determine your success in doing business on the site. For instance, if it is a case where several sellers are offering the same goods, then the prospective buyers are likely to go to the eBay seller who seems like a trustworthy candidate based on their feedback.

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Making Purchases in the Liquidation Closeout Marketplace

Liquidation Marketplace

Currently, excitement being stirred up around wholesale secondary market goods such as liquidation closeout, liquidations, shelf pulls and customer-returned merchandise. eBay as well as Amazon sellers usually get eager to acquire brand-name products at extremely low prices. Reselling liquidated goods can give way to high profits. There is also a hurdle that must be conquered. Based on personal experience, many sellers in the marketplace are jumping in head first without completely understanding:

  • What is liquidation closeout?
  • What are closeouts goods?
  • Why do goods go for liquidation?
  • The condition or type of goods that are appropriate for the respective reselling channels
  • Where and who to purchase liquidated products from?

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