eBay Pricing Strategy

eBay Pricing Strategy


As far as your eBay pricing strategy is concerned, it is important to know the fair value of your item. This will ensure profitability. Your buyer will also be satisfied with the price paid.  An easy way to get a feel for what would be considered a fair price is by using an Advanced Search to check through the “Sold” Listings.  This will show what a comparitive item sold for previously.  You have another way to check if your price is in the ball park. You should always check what current sellers are selling, while determining their eBay pricing strategy.  This will give you a good working model to base your pricing structure on so that your sales are optimised.

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8 Tips To Improve eBay Sales

8 Tips To Improve eBay sales

1. Get good DSRs and useful feedback. Honesty is the best policy, when trying to Improve eBay Sales! Make sure your item is exactly what you have advertised and that you offer good customer service. If you lay out all your terms and conditions clearly and simply, making it easy to read and easy to find, it will make your customer correspondence less complicated. Have a FAQ section if the same questions occur regularly. Ensure that there is nothing ambiguous or that can be misunderstood with regards your payment and shipping terms. Highlight your returns policy for ease of reference. Be tolerant and polite in all your dealings. Leave good, clear feedback for your customers and they should reciprocate with good ratings as well.

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How to provide a great customer service as an eBay seller

customer serviceAs many of you know, eBay is an online selling platform that brings together various buying experiences under one umbrella, despite the vast array of items being sold by different sellers. This also means that until a buyer actually makes a purchase, they won’t really know what to expect from a seller and this can cause a bit of anxiety. Hence the reason why it is so important to keep the buyer at ease by providing an exceptional customer service throughout the entire purchasing experience. Above all, always be friendly, polite and professional in all your dealings with the buyer. A positive and courteous attitude speaks volumes. Being an eBay seller, your online reputation should never be compromised.

Getting the sale

In order to make the sale, ensuring that the buyer’s mind is at ease is very important. One way to show your potential customers that you are serious about what you do is to make yourself available for any questions or concerns they may have.

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