8 Tips To Improve eBay Sales

8 Tips To Improve eBay sales

1. Get good DSRs and useful feedback. Honesty is the best policy, when trying to Improve eBay Sales! Make sure your item is exactly what you have advertised and that you offer good customer service. If you lay out all your terms and conditions clearly and simply, making it easy to read and easy to find, it will make your customer correspondence less complicated. Have a FAQ section if the same questions occur regularly. Ensure that there is nothing ambiguous or that can be misunderstood with regards your payment and shipping terms. Highlight your returns policy for ease of reference. Be tolerant and polite in all your dealings. Leave good, clear feedback for your customers and they should reciprocate with good ratings as well.

2. Research and Analyze. Improve Ebay sales by learning how Ebay displays search results. Check on similar items to see whether Auction style or Fixed price formats do better in the search results. There are various analytics apps that can show you in details how many clicks your item gets once listed. Analytics can give you a better idea on how visible your product is on the site. It will also show the sales received from your Ebay listings.

The most successful Ebay sellers use detailed business analytics to boost and improve their product listings, visibility and with that, their sales. By comparing your best performers with your less successful sellers, you can determine possible changes to make to those listings so that their sales improve. There are various third party tools available to analyze your sales on eBay. One example from Terapeak is called Marketplace Research.

It analyses your sales and traffic reports on the site, helping you improve eBay sales overall. These tools help you understand what contributes to your sales growth and also gives you an idea of where you can improve. It also helps you recognize potential opportunities.

3. Seller Dashboard. If you go to My Ebay, there is a tool you can use to view you seller level, buyer satisfaction, as well as policy compliance. It is important to keep your seller status at above standard or Top seller as you lose search engine placing if you drop to below standard. There are also additional reports that show you areas you can improve on.

4. Multiple Purchases. There are many ways of offering extra value to customers that may purchase more than one item from you. You should encourage multiple item purchasing by offering buy one get one free, special discounts and combined shipping as examples. Markdown Manager can help you create sales or offers of free shipping for short periods of time, this sense of urgency can often drive clients to multiple purchases. You can also offer different styles, colors, sizes of an item on 1 listing using a multi listing format to enable your customers to buy more than one of the same item easily.

More steps to improve eBay sales

5. eBay Stores. Ebay allows you to list 10,000 FREE fixed-price listings* per month but only through a fully customizable eBay store. This allows you to showcase a large inventory easily. Signing up for an eBay store also gives you access to marketing, advanced reporting and design features that aren’t available to you through the normal listings. Ebay store subscription allows you access to on-site tools to help you track your sales online, promote your items as well as better sales management reporting.

6. Seller tools. Using the seller tools on Ebay allows you to automate your sales. In turn, it improves your online efficiency. It also improves eBay sales as a whole. The Ebay seller tools allow you to be able to list more items easily, boosting total sales and profit margins! These seller tools automate a lot of the usual seller tasks and help you improve listing efficiency overall.

7. More clicks, more sales. Search engine optimization through using keywords in your descriptions and titles will help internet users find you and your product. The more people that are able to find you online, the better your sales and the higher prices your auction items can obtain. You can also get a bit more exposure from writing guides and reviews about your items. This is free to do and can be quite effective in generating more sales.


8. Trade Internationally. You can use International Trading on eBay to expand your local market to a global one. Only domestics DSRs affect your seller benefits, so there is no risk to you at all to supply internationally. Ensure that you clearly specify where you will ship to as well as the rates that apply. Different descriptions and sizes are used by various countries internationally, so take this into account when writing up your listing. If you use the ‘ship to’ location control feature on Ebay, your sales will be restricted to the countries you choose. This is a great way to generate extra income although you may have to exercise extra politeness and tolerance when dealing with people with different languages and cultures to you own.