How to become Top eBay USA Seller?

Top eBay USA Seller

We all know that customer service is key in any business. Well, becoming a Top eBay USA seller requires just that – outstanding customer service! Furthermore, the outstanding customer service is attained by means of certain sales standards achievement, tracking requirements and overall performance standards.

What are the benefits of being Top eBay USA Seller?

There are two main benefits that you can enjoy, should you decide to aim for this eBay’s exclusive seller status.

  • You will gain the Top Rated Plus seal displayed permanently in your profile. This will separate you from millions of other sellers who trade in the same product category and compete for the same online customers.
  • Final value fees will be discounted by 20%. Note though, that this will be applicable to the final item price and not to shipping charges.

Sounds good, right? So how does one get these excellent perks?

Check out our chart with eBay Top USA sellers / April 2017

Top eBay USA Seller requirements

As mentioned above, there are few performance standards that needs to be achieved in order to qualify for the Top eBay USA seller seal. We’ve decided to outline most importunate ones below.

  • Tracking requirements
    • In the past 3 months, you have uploaded valid shipping tracking to My eBay within your promised handling time for at least 90% of transactions with USA buyers
      • Handling time – 1 Business day. This mean that if you sold an item Monday, then the tracking needs to be uploaded by 11:59:59 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday
      • Handling time – Same business day. Same as above, you will have one business day to upload valid tracking info. It’s important to note that weekends and holidays aren’t counted when discussing business days requirements.
  • Sales requirement:
    • eBay USE seller needs to have at least 100 transactions with USA buyers over the past 12 months.
    • Your total sales Revenue should be at least $1,000 with USA buyers over the past 12 months.
  • Transaction defect rate:
    • In order to become a Top eBay USE seller, you can’t have more than 0.5% of transactions with any defects over the past 3 months. The defects may be seller-initiated transaction cancellations as well as PayPal Purchase Protection and eBay Money Back Guarantee cases closed without seller resolution.
  • Late shipment rate
    • To become a Top eBay USE seller, you can’t have more than 3% of transactions with late shipping.
  • Your Listings need to provide:
    • At least 30 day money-back return policy
    • Same or one business day handling time

To conclude

These are perhaps the most important requirements. If you adhere to them, you stand a good chance to become a Top eBay USE seller.  As you may see, all the requirements are structured around great customer service. Ultimately, your customers are the ones who evaluate your business practices, hence the importance of keeping them happy at all times!