Why Some eBay Merchandise Should Be Liquidated

unsold eBay merchandise

Liquidation of unsold eBay merchandise can immensely enhance the financial position of your online business.

Do you have new goods in stock that haven’t sold in over three months? Or perhaps you have refurbished / used goods that have been around for over six months? Those items can become harmful to the wellbeing of your organization  – sort of like a blocked supply route. Your cash (or capital) is physically locked in and could hinder your prosperity.

We suggest you start every new quarter of the year by analyzing immovable merchandise. You should always try and liquidate the good that are stuck in your storefront. Remember, unsold merchandise diminish your sales goals.

What you can do

  1. Crate a list of your unsold eBay inventory. Unless you have hundreds of unsold items, you most likely be able to spot your unsold eBay merchandise at ease. In the event when you have hundreds or thousands of products, you may consider visiting Seller Hub and create a list of items that have been sitting in your inventory for 16 months. Or, on the other hand, you can analyze items from a View-to-Offer perspective. When you have merchandize with lots of View and no Offers, you know it’s time to liquidate such stock.
  1. Promotions Manager is another great way to move your stuck inventory. You can set up a Sale Event that will help you reduce prices in a semi-automated environment, vs reducing them one by one. Similarly, you can promote an Order Discount Offers. That way you encourage buyers to order in large quantities at a lower price.
  1. Create a Social Media advertisement and announces your business Sale Event. That way you can let your social media followers know the event is on and it’s the right time to buy! Typically, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allow you to link the ads directly to your promoted offer, increasing the chances of making a sale even further.
  1. eBay Promoted Listings can help you get more Views on your listings. When trying to move unsold eBay merchandise, getting extra exposure of listings is always a good practice. You can set up advertisements and lift your eBay products exposure in no time. The best part about this is the you only pay for the ad once the item is sold. All Anchor Store subscribers also get a monthly $100 Promoted Listings credit.
  2. You can also consider visiting Listoq.com to sell your unsold inventory to fellow online sellers who perhaps specialize in selling that type of products.


Ultimately, you can always donate your unsold eBay merchandise to charity. If you have done all of the above and the merchandise is still stuck in your inventory, give it away! Remember, it costs money to keep your inventory. If your items are not moving, you are actually losing money. So it makes only perfect sense to rather donate it and focus more on selling the goods that do move.