How Feedback Affects Sellers’ eBay Online Reputation

eBay Online Reputation

How Feedback on eBay affects Your Online Reputation

Whether on not your business uses eBay as a main tool for buying and selling or just as a secondary means, maintaining a good feedback record is important. The feedback on your eBay account serves as an indication of your trustworthiness and your Ebay online reputation. Therefore, if your feedback is not good, then naturally people will not be inclined to do any sort of business with you. Both buyers and sellers have the freedom to leave feedback on each other subsequent to each completed transaction, yet the buyer is allowed to get into more details.

Why Does Feedback Matter?

It is important, given the fact that it is the only indicator of your Ebay online reputation. It pertains to you and your business. For people who do not know you personally or never did business with you before, this is what they will refer to. A total record of your feedback is displayed beside your username whenever you are hosting an auction or bidding for items. It can determine your success in doing business on the site. For instance, if it is a case where several sellers are offering the same goods, then the prospective buyers are likely to go to the eBay seller who seems like a trustworthy candidate based on their feedback.

How Does Feedback Work?

Feedback and comments can be left by the buyer, whether they are negative, neutral or positive. Online sellers are also able to leave feedback or they may decide not to leave any at all. One positive feedback adds one point to the overall feedback score. A negative feedback will have the opposite effect. Lastly, a neutral feedback does not have any effect on the total. All eBay users are able to view the feedback history for the past twelve months and check the overall score of their eBay online reputation.

How to Ensure Good Feedback

There are options for the buyers to leave feedback based on four terms, which are:

  • accuracy of product description
  • charges for packaging
  • communication and
  • dispatch time

The factors play an important role ensuring that your Ebay online reputation is always on a positive side. Always remember to keep it professional, be polite and make your item listings and descriptions as clear as possible.


Resolving Feedback Problems        

Ifyou feel that you have received unfair feedback, you have the ability to reply with a comment. Both the reply and the initial feedback will be visible on your profile. Therefore you should be honest and polite in your replies. The “Request Feedback Revision” link can be used to request an inquiry from the eBay staff. In other situations, where vulgar language is used for example, or the other party has been unfair in their dealings with you, the negative feedback maybe removed from your profile.

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