Tips to improve eBay inventory management

Tips to improve eBay inventory management

Your sales success on eBay depends on proper management and organisation. Inefficient eBay inventory management can give rise to costly mistakes and create a negative impression of your business. You may lose customers because you find yourself selling items that you no longer have in stock for example and in the end you land up with unhappy customers who leave negative reviews with disastrous consequences on your business’ bottom line. In short, you need to streamline your eBay inventory management processes and you’ll your see profit margins take off.

Whether you manage a stock inventory out of your spare room or garage or you run a busy retail business, an organised management strategy is a sure-fire way to effectively use eBay as a sales-generating machine.

Minimize sales inventory problems on eBay with the following tips:

  1. Ensure you have adequate inventory space.

Even if you do operate out of the garage or a back room, this needs to be a dedicated space to organise and manage stock.

  1. Keep inventory management simple and organised with a filing system.

Set up a physical file cabinet and digital filing system such as an eBay inventory management spreadsheet that is easy to access and understand. Each product should have its own file so that you can keep track of the number of items you have and you will know when to order in new stock.

  1. Think of your inventory space as your physical store.

This means that you need to place special attention on creating a well laid out ‘store’ with products properly categorised. Clear organisation is key here. By using a well laid out plan and tables or adequate shelving solutions you will be able to tell how much stock you have at a glance.

  1. Arrange a ‘shipping’ station.

A good idea is to set up a shipping station in your inventory room. Here you will have packaging supplies such as boxes, packaging tape and box lining and mailing labels easily accessible. This will help improve your ability to ship out products quicker and more efficiently, resulting in a improved customer experience.

Having a proper eBay inventory management system in place allows you to be a successful seller on eBay. Satisfied customers mean better ratings which helps your reputation on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform.